Energy Efficient Transformers


 Optimized Performance for the Application Load low-voltage dry-type transformers deliver maximum energy savings based on the application load profile.  

The OPAL design best practice considers managing impedance, fault levels, arc flash levels, inrush, harmonics, footprint, internal terminal layout compatibility, and more.

The OPAL design’s flexibility is a direct result of the tight feedback loop between design, onsite manufacturing, and extensive ongoing real-world operating performance verification.  The result delivers the most savings per dollar spent.  E-Saver OPAL Series transformers are backed by Powersmiths’ continuous high-quality manufacturing and a standard 32-year pro-rated warranty.

Custom Power Distribution Units


 Powersmiths’ line of Energy Station PDUs are OPAL designed to mitigate serious electrical interruptions for mission critical applications, and are equipped with engineered solutions with the most advanced configuration options available for specialty applications. 

 Powersmiths’ highly skilled design and application engineers deliver the highest quality and innovative solutions for specialty PDU and integrated products. Powersmiths’ Integrated Solutions division houses our growing line of engineered PDU product solutions, expanding into a brand new facility that meets high volume orders of integrated products, ensuring that customers can get the best solution to meet today’s complex requirements 

Remote Power Panels


The Energy Station™ RPP is a Remote Power Panel designed to provide localized branch circuit distribution loads in data centers, in a compact 24” x 24” (1-tile) package or 24” x 12”, for against-the-wall installation. 

The source of power is typically a sub-feed breaker originating in a PDU or main distribution panel.

Our modular approach enables a high degree of tailoring the product configuration for each application, on a standardized UL Listed platform, with the cost & delivery advantages associated with a standard product.

Submeters & Building Resoure Mgmt.



Non-residential application-based submetering systems for building data collection, management and reporting

Cyberhawk™ Metering & Powersmiths WOW™  building resource platform provide application-based solutions to accurately collect building system, sub-system and resource data and deliver customized real-time reporting solutions to streamline and automate building resource management, while minimizing unnecessary infrastructure and deployment costs.

Specification Information



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