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The Mission Critical Management Group

The MCM Group is an electrical manufacturer's representative specializing in the design, application, and deployment of emergency, power quality and power distribution equipment in the health care, industrial, emergency lighting, and data center construction markets.  

Our staff has over forty years of experience in the  emergency and mission critical space and believes in safe, practical, energy efficient and cost effective solutions for our customers.  Given our field of expertise, our first goal is a 24x7 uptime solution; however, a close runner up is providing an unparalleled customer service experience to our clients.  

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you believe we can help in any way. 

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Manufacturing Partners


 Trystar began manufacturing electrical equipment for temporary & emergency power applications in 1991.  In that time, Trystar has become the premier manufacturer of Temporary Power Docking Stations for critical and life safety applications.  Trystar's full line of Docking Stations, Portable Transformers, and Company Switches are all manufactured in Minneapolis, Minnesota  


  Eaton Corp. is one of the world's largest manufacturer's of electrical infrastructure  equipment.  The MCM Group specializes in the design and application of Eaton's Power Quality line of product (formerly Powerware).  All of Eaton's three-phase power quality and power distribution equipment (UPS/PDU/RPP) is manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


Russelectric has stood as the premier manufacturer of power control systems since 1955.  With an uncompromising approach to the manufacture of their products, Russelectric stands behind their Transfer Switches and Switchgear with the industry's longest warranty.  All of Russelectric's products are proudly "made in the USA" with plants in Massachusetts & Oklahoma


  Since 1996, Powersmiths has led the market in manufacturing electrical distribution products to improve efficiency, quality and reliability in commercial facilities. The MCM Group specializes in the deployment of their Power Distribution Units, Remote Power Panels, and Business Resource Meters and Submeters. 


 With over 70 years of experience in the design of precision environment solutions, Stulz stands out as one of the most well respected manufacturers of mission critical mechanical devices. The MCM Group is a design application partner for Stulz and maintain close relationships with their experienced, local deployment team to provide our customers with reliable, cost effective mechanical solutions. 


E+I Engineering is considered on of the premier electrical manufacturer's in Europe and has been operating in North America since 2014. The MCM Group specializes in the design and application of their finger-safe, track-busway equipment. E+I's North American manufacturing facility is located in Anderson, SC.