Stulz Air Technology Systems

Precision Climate Control

For over seventy years, Stulz has designed and manufactured mechanical solutions for mission critical facilities throughout the world [commonly referred to as computer room air handlers (CRAH) or computer room air conditioners (CRAC)]. Stulz' ever evolving portfolio includes both Direct Expansion (DX) and Chilled Water (CW) solutions for nearly every application:

Indoor Cooling Solutions

  • Perimeter Mounted Systems
  • In-Row Cooling Systems
  • Ceiling Mounted Systems
  • Customer Air Handlers

Outdoor Cooling

  • Packaged Rooftop Air Handlers
  • Indirect Evaporative Air Handlers
  • Modular Cooling Systems

Replacement Systems

  • Stulz manufactures drop-in replacements for existing systems (regardless of manufacturer) as well as EC Fan and controller retrofits.  

For Additional Information Please Contact Matt Gipson: 678-699-8633