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Eaton Three-Phase UPS Systems

Eaton 9395


Eaton's Largest Uninterruptible Power Supply is the 9395 Series UPS.  Operational voltages range from 400-600VAC with single-module capacities from 200-1200kW with options for internal redundancy and efficiencies up to 99%.

9395 Specification Information

Eaton 93PM


Eaton's Flagship Uninterruptible Power Supply is the 93PM Series UPS.  The system can be deployed as native 208VAC, 400VAC, or 480VAC UPS with single-module capacities from 10-400kW with options for internal redundancy and efficiencies up to 99%.

93PM Specification Information.

Eaton Emergency Lighting Inverters


Eaton manufactures a full-complement of Emergency Lighting UPS systems that adhere to both UL1778 and UL924 Life Safety Standards.  These systems can be deployed for both single and three-phase applications from 5.7-120kVA.

UL 924 Specification Information

Eaton BladeUPS


Eaton began production of the BladeUPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems in 2010 with an emphasis on the space premiums realized in whitespace applications.  This modular, rack-mounted UPS allows for expansion from 12-60kW and can operate at 208 or 400VAC.

BladeUPS Specification Information

Eaton 9355


Eaton's 'Space-Saver' system, the 9355 packs all of the necessary, fundamental components of an UPS into one, real estate conscious system.  With small footprints (12" wide for systems up to 15kVA / 20"W for systems up to 30kVA) these units utilize internal batteries and integral maintenance bypass devices.

9355 Specification Information

Eaton 93E


Eaton specifically designed the 93E for IT Managers to provide a compact, energy efficient UPS system for quick, in-field deployment.  The 93E delivers efficiencies up to 98% and include line-and-match maintenance bypass, transformer, and distribution cabinets.  Capacities range from 20-60kVA.

93E Specification Information

Eaton Single-Phase UPS Systems

Eaton FerrUPS


 The Eaton FERRUPS delivers proven, ferroresonant battery backup power and scalable runtimes for 911 centers, global military installations, marine vessels and other critical applications. Highly configurable with a wide range of voltages, frequencies, runtimes, power cords and receptacles, the Eaton FERRUPS continually regulates voltage and eliminates harmful harmonic currents. .

FerrUPS Specification Information

Eaton 9PXM


 The Eaton 9PXM UPS is a scalable, modular UPS that combines the highest level of reliability with the lowest cost of ownership. Through 4 kVA plug-and-play power modules, the 9PXM delivers an expandable level of N+X redundancy. The 9PXM fits eight or twelve-slot tower enclosures which are easily converted into 14U and 21U rackmount solutions. 

9PXM Specification Information

Eaton 9PX


 Delivering premium, double-conversion backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice/data networks and storage systems, the Eaton 9PX UPS is the ideal solution for both rack and stand-alone installations. An ENERGY STAR qualified UPS, the 9PX's LCD interface and power management software makes managing your UPS easy - even in virtualized environments.

9PX Specification Information 

Eaton 9SX


 The Eaton 9SX network UPS boasts an easy-to-read LCD display, double conversion topology and an internal static bypass, all in a convenient tower UPS form with a low total cost of ownership. Compatible with Eaton's network connectivity cards and Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software, this UPS is a vital piece of any physical or virtualized IT environment.  

9SX Specification Information

Eaton Racks & Enclosures


Eaton offers a full array of data center enclosures, racks and cage to enable you to store, cool, power, manage, and secure your critical IT equipment.  

Rack and Enclosure Specification Information

Eaton ePDU


 Eaton offers a full range of power distribution units, or PDUs, for everything from basic rackmount models in distributed IT networks to advanced models for comprehensive monitoring and control in enterprise and colocation data centers.  System deployments include simple, receptacle based power distribution to rack level REPOs, maintenance bypasses, and automatic transfer switches.

ePDU Specification Information

Eaton Power Quality Systems


Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Eaton 9355 (10-30kVA)                                                        

Eaton 93E (20-60kVA)

Eaton BladeUPS (Rack-Mounted, 12-60kVA)

Eaton 208VAC 93PM (10-200kVA)

Eaton 480VAC 93PM (20-400kVA) 

Eaton 9395 (200-1200kVA)

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