E&I Engineering

Intelligent Medium Powerbar


E+I Engineering's Intelligent Medium Powerbar (iMPB) is a 600V encased track busduct.  Available from ranges of 160A-800A, the busbar is housed in an aluminum casing rated IP2X with an option for IP3X finger-safe deployment.  Straight lengths range from 2ft - 12ft with an open channel system design to allow for busplugs to be placed anywhere along the bar.  

Joint Packs


For longer distance applications, joint packs are routinely deployed to join to busbars together.   The iMPB joint pack securely locks two feeder lengths together with a traditional busduct bolted joint. No special tooling is required and joints may be disassembled and reassembled easily. iMPB uses custom designed thermally and electrically secure joint packs. 



Power distribution from the busduct comes with a near endless combination of hardwired, NEMA and IEC Receptacles.  These busplugs are engineered with user safety as the key criteria.  All busplugs interlock with a ground first, break last safety feature with additional mechanical interlocks in place to ensure proper installation and safe operation.  

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